Keynote Speakers

Speaker (Country,modalit) Affliation Title of presentation
Dr Angeline PogoyPhilippines Vice-President for Research, Extension and Publication, Cebu Normal University Translating Research into Publishable Material
Dr Prosper BERNARD, Jr USA by video/skype
City University of New York & Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University & Master’s Program in Politics, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University Board Risk Oversight and Firm Performance
Director of DOWSON College CANADA by video/skype Dawson College invests $1M into new AI curriculum
Dr Lili Zheng France by video/skype
Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle (La Rochelle Business School)
Dre Bouchra M’Zali, Canada by video/skype
Full professor of Finance, and Sustainable Development, Chair of research of AICRI University of Quebec in Montreal Sustainable Finance responsible Investment
Dre Marie-France Turcotte Canada by video/skype Director: Office of Enterprise and sustainable development. University of Quebec in Montreal
Dr Daniel Tomiuk Canada by video/skype Dept Management and Technology, University of quebec in Montreal
Note:The Conference relies on the Internet quality the day of presentations. We cannot guarantee that Skype will work that day to allow participants to exchange with foreign keynote speakers. And since there are 12hours lag between America and Philippines (Cebu) , the foreing keynote speakers have only a limited availability. Thanks for your understanding