Paper Submission

Prepare your paper for submission.

Paper Submission

1. Full length papers (max 6 pages, including all figures, tables, and references). Extra pages 20$ US each.
2. Short paper -work in progress (maximum 4 pages)
3. Poster (max .75 meter X .5 meter) extra cost for printing (1000 pesos = 20$ US)
Download Formating Guidlines

Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references. Full text papers (.pdf, .doc) will be accepted by Email : . All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the Conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the Conference and are subject to both review and editing.

Submission Method

1. Email:
(Paper should be in .docx format only)

Writing Guidlines

SIZE= LETTER Margins 1, 1, 1, 1 inches ONE SINGLE COLUMN
Maximum 10 pages for Journal 6 pages for conference
(Paper 8.5 X 11) size= LETTER NOT paper A4
Single space linging every
All paragraphs should have around 10 lines. No smaller paragraphs
Font Time New Roman 10 EVERYWHERE except for titles (see below)
Max 5000 words including everything (tables and reference section
No page number, No style
All figures and tables must be converted into JPEG images NO WORD TABLES or Figures will be accepted. Be sure it fits the margins NO PAGE BREAK OR SECTIONS

TITLE (14, left aligned)
Authors (one author per line)
title GivenFAMILY name, Affiliation, e-mail (12)
ex: dr Michel PLAISENT, Business school, University of Qu├ębec (Canada) michel.plaisent@uqam.
ABSTRACT (14, left aligned)
KEY-WORDS (MAX 5) (12) list

2. TITLE 1 (14, bold, uppercase)
2.1 Title 2 (12, bold, lowercase)
2.1.3 Title 3 (12, underlined, lowercase)
NormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal NormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Table or Figure no: (10) Table title, left justified, under the figure or table, IT MUST BE A JPEG

All references are in alphabetical order of first author) Font 10 , unnumbered, no bullet, LIKE THE FOLLOWING) APA Style not [nn] style accepted
Bernard, Prosper & Maguiraga, Lassana (2013). Assessing Usability of Web Screens. International Journal of Educational Management. Vol XX, No X, 111-115.
Einsteain, Albert, Plaisent, Michel & Bernard, Prosper (2012). Comparative Gender Differences in Faculty. Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Human Factors in Information System. April 13-15, Paris, 243-247.
Kurka, Lauren P. (2012). A Hypertext History of Multi-User Dimensions." MUD History.